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Innovative Leadership: one–day acceleration sessions

Innovative leadership is agile, lean, inspirational, focused, strategic and social. An innovative leader’s skills are synonymous with these attributes, achieving innovative game changing results.

One-day leadership “acceleration sessions” bring an outside innovation mentor face to face with management teams to bust mindsets and to jump-start innovative leadership. The sessions speed up innovation within leaders and management teams like a Silicon Valley incubator, by confronting them with an outside-in perspective type of reality-check, known from advisory boards.

Insular thinking is busted not only by bringing in an outside innovation mentor, but also by the outside mentor using photography as a tool. Acceleration is at least doubled by utilizing photography for the outside-in perspective reality-check. Photography allows deep dives into specific problems in a speedy way and delivers strategic and practical insights for the change in leadership and to solve specific problems. Breakthroughs are created in these one-day sessions, that otherwise would need months to be achieved through traditional training and coaching.

The one-day leadership “acceleration sessions” induce, stimulate and accelerate innovative entrepreneurial thinking, disrupt mindsets and grow business through innovative leadership.

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One-Day Leadership Acceleration Session
In Johannesburg and Pilanesberg National Park - Rates 2013

Jacaranda Hill Conference Centre
Westcliff Hotel Johannesburg
ZAR 1,800 per person
Including food & beverages
Minimum of 8 delegates
(Please inquire rate for smaller groups and individual sessions

Saxon Hotel Johannesburg
ZAR 2,100 per person
Including food & beverages
Minimum of 8 delegates
(Please inquire rate for smaller groups and individual sessions)

With overnight at Bakubung Safari Lodge Pilanesberg
ZAR 4,290 per person single room
Including, accommodation, game drives, food & beverages
Minimum of 10 delegates
(Please inquire rate for smaller groups and individual sessions)

Tailored options: Tailored One-Day Leadership Acceleration Sessions are available on flexible locations.Sessions are presented in English, Dutch and German.

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Acceleration sessions can be applied to other strategies, goals, changes, transformations, challenges and problem solving as well.
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