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Innovation demands in business require innovation in human resources through innovative tools and methods. The innovation tool of now and the future is photography. Visual content is the tool of communication, visualizations are innovation tools and virtual teams are every day business reality.

That requires innovative assessments as well and photography is the answer. Assessments with photography accelerate the process of decision making and deliver immensely useful insights on the assessed candidates no traditional method can provide. The assessments with photography are highly efficient and allow access to the information underneath the surface. Creativity and potentials will be unearthed and available for use.

Assessment sessions are available in Johannesburg as specified below.
Tailored assessment acceleration sessions on flexible dates and locations are available at request.

Assessment Acceleration Session

Consult with client/company/employer
2-hour assessment with the candidate
Comprehensive report at the employer’s disposal

ZAR 3,860

The assessments take place at the assessor’s office in Johannesburg. The consult with the client is recommended to take place prior to the assessment.
Assessments are available in English, Dutch and German.

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