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Inspirational talk on “Training beyond Thinking”

Ute Sonnenberg is presenting inspirational talks on “Training beyond Thinking” the intuition training. She gives insights on the communication on intuitional/energy level and the role of the photography in this process. The talks are held in English, Dutch and German and have so far drawn an interested audience from universities, corporates and photography minded people in Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa and Kenya.

The video below was recorded at a talk at the Hyatt in Johannesburg.

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Testimonial by Victoria Susovits, visitor of Nyenrode Business University talk in the Netherlands:

On January 25th 2010 Ute Sonnenberg was invited by Prof. Paul de Blot of the Nijenrode Business University, Netherlands to give a lecture on her training about communication on energy level. Without any prior knowledge I listened to her with great curiosity.

Ute’s training is based on Quantum Consciousness, which integrates modern physics, Buddhist wisdom and Western psychology. One of its central ideas is that everything is made out of energy; this chair, my arm, an anxious feeling, a positive thought. It is all energy, but in different forms. This is the same energy you sometimes feel when you walk into a room with other people. In the 4 day training in the beautiful nature of Kenya, the focus is on this energy in forms of communication. In our daily life we are conditioned to communicate in a one dimensional way and usually don’t pay attention to unconscious aspects of our communication. These aspects will come to light through different techniques Ute uses in her trainings, like photography. By focusing on body, mind and soul, she tries to capture and explore communication on energy level as wide as possible.

Like Quantum Consciousness, Ute’s training is an
experience more than a concept. In order to know and feel what the real impact of the training is, it is not sufficient and satisfying to listen to some words explaining it. It is not a spectator sport, it is an experience. This makes it difficult to answer all the questions raised by the audience. Because the strong sense of curiosity couldn’t be answered as expected, it transformed into a cascade of confusion and emotions. With this, Ute pulled the audience out of their comfort zone and created a whole new energy that would have been felt immediately by someone stepping into the room.

Ute picked Samburu in Kenya to be the best place to experience her training. This place has a very special energy with its red coloured earth, beautiful nature and wildlife.
Her presence and short words were enough for me to decide to step into this experience and join her training in October.

Viktoria Susovits

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