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Roho Ya Chui Photographic Safaris

“For experienced and discerning travelers who are looking for unique experiences , there are few options that really stand out. With a completely unique approach to experiencing wildlife, Roho Ya Chui’s Ute Sonnenberg provides hands on and personal photographic journeys that enable travelers to experience a connection to the world around them in a new and unforgettable way. ... unsurpassed and unforgettable photographic travel experiences”
(Guy Howthorne for Travel Ideas Magazine, South Africa, October 2010)

national geographic copy TRAVELLER SOUTH AFRICA
FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION Tap into your creative spirit and expand your boundaries …
(Kelda Lund about Roho Ya Chui horse photography for National Geographic Traveller South Africa, March 2011)

Exceptional Photographic Safaris to inspire!

All photographic safaris offer the freedom to choose your travel date and destination and we assist you in creating your magical stay in the African bush with great photographic opportunities.
The photographic safaris will be arranged according to your requirements in regard of photographic subjects, destinations, accommodation and mode of travel. Requests as private vehicle or traveling with a group can be met. We explore the best arrangements in order to meet the expectations of our guests.
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If you choose to include a photography course in your trip, it will be a course with individual attention and a maximum of 6 guests. Also there is it all your choice and can the courses be customized for your needs. Ute Sonnenberg is presenting the wildlife photography courses in English, Dutch and German.The courses are experienced as unconventional, magical and out of the box in their approach to photography, providing technical tuition, camera operating basics, stimulating creativity and give inspirational photographic insights.
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How Do Wildlife Photography Courses work?

The photography courses are available from 1 to 6 people per course. The courses provide an inspiring and supporting environment to indulge in a wonderful photographic experience.
With an inspiring and supporting environment we mean that there is no wrong or right, there are no stupid questions. In order to be creative, one needs to feel safe to express him/herself.
It is recommended to have some basic skills in operating your camera and your image software on the laptop. Please bring one laptop per person and do not share it with your friend or spouse. It can take too much time to process the photos and you might disturb or limit each other.

The course is not a lecture like in a class room. You will have the freedom to learn through assignments followed by reflections and there will be guidance throughout all assignments and reflections. Specialities regarding the photographic object will be pointed out. You will be guided through the complexity of photography to achieve great results on the photographic and artistic level. The courses are full day programs with time to rest, relax and enjoy the great venues where they are taking place.
Ute Sonnenberg will share her experience and knowledge with you, but she won’t push you to photograph like she does. Its about the students and their talents and skills.
She presents the courses in English, Dutch and German.
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Photographic Safari Destinations

The African bush offers plenty of great photographic opportunities and its hard to make a choice. To start somewhere and not with the least destinations, have a look at “wildlife photo courses” to get an idea where to go. And please, you are invited to share with us your own ideas and dreamed of destinations to create a wonderful holiday. Contact and enquire by email to
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