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Training beyond Thinking

An experience expanding everyday consciousness.
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Did you ever hear yourself saying “I think I know that this and this is going to happen” ? ... Have you ever had the sensation of a gut feeling ? ... What did you do with your gut feeling ? ... For how long did you walk with it before you did something ? or did you do nothing? ... What actually is a gut feeling?
We are conscious about our communication on physical level via language and body language, but we are mostly unconscious about our communication on energy level or intuitional level, which is non-physical and non visible. The energy level is the level that provides the information we call gut feeling or intuition.
More or less we still have the idea that the gut feeling or intuition is something vague. Maybe because we can’t touch it and see it. We seem to have a problem with trusting what the gut feeling or intuition is telling us, although we found out often enough that it was true. We need a tool to see the information in order to be able to trust, utilize and benefit from the available resources.

Training beyond Thinking provides the key to the energy level or intuitional level, to make the available information visible and physical. The key is photography and the image carries the message or information. With the key photography we are able to tap into the resources of the unconscious and to utilize the available information in our daily life and work. It opens the universe of knowing which we call intuition.
If you would like to read more about the theory the training is based on,
please click on the image below to read the essay “Photography, Connectivity & The Quantum Leap from Thinking to Knowing” by Ute Sonnenberg. A list with recommended books is available in the bibliography of the essay.

Frequently asked questions

Why Kenya? What makes it the right location for the training?
Training beyond Thinking takes the participants physically, emotionally and spiritually to a different hemisphere. The training starts in Nairobi and the drive to Samburu National Reserve takes us around Mt. Kenya to the north, crossing the equator from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. We are staying in the “other hemisphere” for three nights before returning to Nairobi on the last day by crossing the equator again.
Working on the energy/intuition level requires a strong grounding and Samburu is providing that.

Is it a normal safari with photographing and talking about it later or is there something else?
The game drives of the normal safari are the structure of the lessons. Assignments are given for every game drive which need to be completed afterwards in the lodge, followed by a reflection and additional exercises.

Why can’t I just photograph by myself, alone, just for myself?
Photography is the key and the key requires a manual. The participants learn how to use the key and get the manual. By the end of the training the participants will be able to use photography to access the information at any given moment, just by themselves.

What will be changed afterwards? Can I use it at home or does it only work in Kenya?
The participants will be able to access the information of the unconscious (energy/intuitional level) consciously at any given moment anywhere. They will come home not only with the key and manual, but also with the anchor Samburu.

Who else is there?
The group consists of maximum 6 participants, a driver for the 4x4 Landcruiser and myself as trainer.

Can individuals book it and companies? What are the rates if companies book it?
Individuals and companies can book it. The maximum group size will always be 6 people. The rate is the same for all. The experience till now is, that only a select group of people from a company takes part.
For more answers please read the testimonials.

Training details & information

Training beyond Thinking offers the key and the manual to tap into the resources of the unconscious, which are the resources of our intuition. The participants travel physically, emotionally and spiritually to a different hemisphere where they experience “knowing” and communication on energy level consciously, with the accelerating support of nature, wildlife and photography. At the end of the training the participants will have the key and the manual in their pocket and the ability to enter the “different hemisphere” again at any given moment.

The training takes place in the Kenyan bush where nature supports and accelerates the process during this intense 4 days training. It is a safe and comfortable environment to achieve the best results. By using digital photography it is accessible for anybody. Participants bring their own digital camera and laptop.

available dates:
Training beyond Thinking offers a free choice of travel dates. Clients appreciate that they can fit the training into their often tight agendas at their own convenience. The only condition is the minimum of 2 and the maximum of 6 participants.

A possible time frame could be as followed:
Departure on a Thursday morning at about 6 a.m. from Nairobi to Samburu National Reserve. The group travels in a 4x4 Landcruiser from Nairobi around Mt. Kenya to the northern part of Kenya. Arrival at Samburu National Reserve will be around lunch time. After check in and lunch is time to rest and relax before the group goes out on the afternoon game drive to accomplish their first assignment, followed by exercises when back in the lodge. The participants stay for 3 nights in a luxury camp or lodge and the game drives will be the structure for the assignments, exercises and reflections. On the fourth day, in this case a Sunday, the group drives back around Mt. Kenya to Nairobi. Arrival in Nairobi will be in the afternoon and their is a session to finalize the training. The training is finished at about 6 p.m.. Some guests stay a bit longer in Kenya and continue their stay with a safari or a few days on Kenya’s beautiful beaches.

Roho Ya Chui training beyond thinking
including all transfers in 4x4 Landcruiser, 3 nights accommodation in luxury camp/lodge, all game drives, all 3 course meals, all non-alcoholic drinks and the Training beyond Thinking is available for euro 3,200 per person in single/sharing
(in ZAR & USD according to the exchange rate at the time of booking)
The training is presented by Ute Sonnenberg in English, Dutch and German.

Further travel arrangements for safaris or beach holidays can be made.
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For reviews please visit the page
“testimonials”, for information about the training location the page “training location Samburu” and for talks about the subject the page “talks”.

Roho Ya Chui “Training beyond Thinking is a cooperation partner of the Fürstenberg Institut in Hamburg, Germany