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The Zazamalala forest and botanical garden are full of rare plants and animals. The reserve has 12 wild lemur species, among them Verreaux's sifaka,
Greater bamboo lemur and Ringtail lemur. It also has a successful breeding center for critically endangered turtles and tortoises.
Zazamalala was started in 2000 as a Dutch initiative for nature conservation. Currently, it plants more than a 100 different original tree species per ha on eroded land
and restores wilderness. The project supports the local communities with education, distribution of solar cookers to make the families independent of fuelwood from the forest,
and jobs to make the  people economically dependent on the forest, crucial for its long-term protection. This model works and it is doubling Zazamalala each year!
If you want to experience unique wildlife and learn about the traditional lifestyle of the people around the forest,
you can visit Zazamalala. Fully serviced accommodation and a range of activities are available.
Activities offered at Zazamalala:
guided tour through forest and botanical garden
evening tour to spot nocturnal animals
workshop Sakalava culture and lifestyle
workshop reforestation in the tropics

A visit to Zazamalala can be included in a Madagascar itinerary.
Zazamalala can also be contacted directly for a Madagascar holiday at this beautiful forest.

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