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Camel trekking 
In northern Kenya, camels have been traditionally used by the Samburu as a means of transport.
Scenic camel rides during a lodge stay in Laikipia or Samburu are a great way to explore the wilderness.
Camel supported walking trails over several days venture into roadless wilderness of the Matthews Range and Karisia Hills.

Horse riding
Horse riding excursions allow guests to get up close to the plains game as they graze, indifferent and untroubled by the presence
of other four-legged creatures. Multiple day mobile horse riding safaris include a combination of daily riding and game drives.

Mokoro excursion 
Mokoro, dugout canoes, have been the traditional means of transport in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
Nowadays the mokoro are made of glass fibre, yet in their traditional design and operated in a traditional way by a poler.
Multiple day mokoro trails are a combination of cruising on the water ways of the delta and walking explorations on the islands.

Walking, riding or cruising, all trails are available with different durations, from half day excursions to multiple day adventures.
They are private excursions, however, there are also some scheduled multiple day group trails available.

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The versatility and flexibility of a helicopter allows visiting places that otherwise would be inaccessible or only with great effort and without the scenic view. Ideally for photography the helicopter can "stand still" and fly lower, if needed for the photographic opportunity. The excursions are private and tailored to the interests of the guests. The duration varies depending on the itinerary, from a one-hour scenic flight to including overnight fly-camping in the wilderness. While there are many incredible places to see, the best destinations for aerial photography are in Kenya and Tanzania. The volcanic activity in the Great Rift Valley formed the most beautiful and diverse landscapes with vivid colours and lakes that are home to thousands of flamingos.

Hot air balloon
Scenic balloon flights are an incredible way to enjoy wildlife sightings and beautiful landscapes. It is completely quiet (except for the occasional use of the burner), there is no wind in the basket, as the balloon flies with the wind at the same speed and in the same direction. Balloon flights in Namibia are available in Sossusvlei, exploring the splendour of the desert and the mysterious fairy circles. In Kenya and Tanzania the balloon safaris allow incredible views of the wildlife on the great plains, which is exceptionally spectacular with the big herds of the Great Migration.

A truly "Out of Africa" experience is this classic bi-plane scenic flight in Laikipia, Kenya. This nostalgic flying adventure will make you feel like stepping back into the 1930's in East Africa.
Wrapped up warmly in a sheepskin jacket and scarf and with the wind in your face, you will fly over the wildlife dotted rolling hills of the conservancies.

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