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Camera news:

Instagram Socialmatic: A Concept Design for a Physical Instagram Camera (via petapixel)
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Canon 60Da Sample Star Photographs

Yesterday Canon announced a new DSLR geared specifically towards taking pictures of stars,
the 60Da. For $400 more than the original retail price of the standard 60D, avid astrophotographers can purchase a camera that offers a “modified infrared filter and a low-noise sensor with heightened hydrogen-alpha sensitivity” for shooting “‘red hydrogen emission’ nebulae and other cosmic phenomena”. If you have no idea what that means, Canon has helpfully published a number of sample photographs captured with the camera. The side-by-side comparison above shows how the camera’s results differ from the standard 60D. (PetaPixel)
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The Future: Snap and Share Photos Using Augmented Reality Glasses

If Google’s vision of the future pans out, we may soon be snapping and sharing photographs using augmented reality “glasses”. The company is working on a product that’s currently going by the code name “
Project Glass“. As the concept video above shows, the aim is to have a wearable “computer” that can project useful information about the world directly into the user’s eye, allowing people to constantly interact with the Internet throughout their everyday lives. The glasses would even be able to snap photographs based on voice commands, and then instantly upload them to the web. (PetaPixel)
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Photo Apps:

Polamatic Digital polaroid camera app

Like the old times of the beloved Polaroid Camera this app brings back the look and feel. Its easy for point and shoot with the possibility to write on the image. (via fstoppers)

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SloPro App Lets You Shoot Real 60FPS Slow Motion on Your iPhone 4S

The app, which is free if you don’t mind a few limitations and a water mark, lets you shoot smooth 60fps slow-motion video at 720p. (via petapixel)
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Shoebox App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Photo Scanner

Shoebox is an app by 1000 Memories that lets you turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a scanner for digitizing old paper photos. (via petapixel)
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Microsoft Releases a Program for making Cinemagraphs, or “Cliplets”

Cinemagraphs,or still images that have a dash of movement, have become very popular as of late. So popular, in fact, that Microsoft Research is jumping onto the bandwagon. The company has released a new tool for creating cinemagraphs, which they call “cliplets”. (PetaPixel)
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Great app with retro films, flashes and lenses to choose from. Immediate sharing with social networks and by email. Hipstamatic images had been already o the front page of the New York Times.
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645 PRO iPhone Camera App Offers New Level of Control and “Raw”

On the other hand, what the app does do — for $2.99 no-less — still makes it as much a “professional” camera app as there has ever been. Even though you can’t shoot in RAW format you can choose a lesser “developed RAW” TIFF format, or go one step down to lossless JPEG. Beyond that, the level of control that the 645 PRO app offers is impressive to say the least. (PetaPixel)
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Snap and Share. A great app for fast and easy use on the go with great retro filters
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Scalado “rewind” and “remove”

Last year imaging company Scalado showed off an app called Rewind that lets you create perfect group shots by picking out the best faces from a burst of shots and then combining them into a single image. Now the company is back with another futuristic photo app: it’s called Remove, and lets you create images of scenes without the clutter of things passing through (e.g. people, cars, bikes). It works like this: simply snap a photograph, and the app will outline everything that’s moving in the scene with a yellow line. Tap that person or object, and it magically disappears from the scene! (PetaPixel)
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Turns 2D Photographs into 3D Color Sculptures
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StrikeFinder Lets You Capture Lightning and Fireworks on Your iPhone

Instead of designing a trigger app that attaches to an external camera, the StrikeFinder app released earlier today lets everyday iPhone users simply point their phone camera in the direction of say, lightning or fireworks, and the phone does the rest for them. (PetaPixel)
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JPEGmini Now Available for Mac: Put Your iPhoto Library on a Diet

Gives anybody the ability to shrink their photos up to 5-times in size without any visible quality difference — a substantial claim, but one that the service seemed to live up to quite well. (via petapixel)
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Interesting Articles:

Gizmodo: 10 Changes That Must Have Steve Jobs Rolling in His Grave
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Gizmodo: How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet
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ReadWriteWeb: Mary Meaker Re-Imagines Nearly Everything
Star analyst Mary Meeker gave her latest presentation of Internet Trends.
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PhotoArt stories:

An insane non-manipulated photograph:
This amazing photograph of sailor Alex Thomson walking on the keel of an 8-ton yacht was created with courage rather than Photoshop. It was an ad for fashion house HUGO BOSS, which has sponsored Alex Thomson Racing since 2003. The conditions for the shot had to be just right, and the skipper had to carefully keep the yacht at a 45-degree angle for up to a minute to avoid crushing Thomson and the jet ski driver.
source: Petapixel
Click the link to watch the making off:
An insane non-manipilated photograph, watch the movie of the making of


Why This Photograph is Worth $578,500?

“The first thing to realize is that in art, especially modern art, value is not simply attributed according to how aesthetically pleasing something is or how well it is made. Aesthetics and craftsmanship are certainly important, but they are are by no means the sole or even primary contributors to the value of an artwork, monetary or otherwise.” (David Cohen de Lara)


source: PetaPixel